DokuWiki template: "vector"

“vector for DokuWiki” brings you the current1) Wikipedia/MediaWiki look and feel for DokuWiki. There are some things you'll find in this template that you won't find in most other DokuWiki templates, and are inspired by Wikipedia and MediaWiki. Some features:

  • Discussions
    Configurable discussion pages without requiring an additional plugin.
  • User pages
    Users can have their own home page on your wiki.
  • Cite this Article
    Allows students, journalists, researchers, and the like to easily reference articles on your site.
  • Permanent Link
    Guarantees that articles you link to are the same as you saw them that second you link them.
  • Automatic plugin integration
    vector automatically detects and uses some popular, optionally installed plugins. Therefore you don't have to insert any code snippets or stuff when using: Translation,2) Open Office Export, dw2pdf, html2pdf
  • All non-page portions (e.g. navigation) of the template can be edited just as if they were pages. How cool is that? 8-)


Where can I get it?

Have a look at for download, installation instructions, discussions/bug reports and stuff.

Wikipedia used “monobook” until the mid of 2010, now “vector” is in use.
via custom box, see /vector/user/boxes.php